Finding the right doctor matters.

When you feel that your doctor understands your needs and cares about you, your health improves faster, even for something as simple as the common cold.1

But you need the right tools to find the right doctor.

Searching online will give you faces and phone numbers, but little about what really matters: knowing that your doctor will help you with your specific problem and treat you well.

That's why we rely on trusted sources.

We find doctors today the same way that we did 50 years ago, through word of mouth.2,3 But getting referrals through friends, family, and colleagues is not always easy or fast.

At Human Practice, we're building ways to:

Connect you to people you know who can help you navigate healthcare.

Bring you the information you need to get to know recommended physicians.

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1; 2Feldman SP, Spencer MC. Proc Fall Conf of the AMA, 1965; 3

Introducing Preferral

We work with leading hospitals and health systems to:

Decrease leakage & connect health system communities

Lack of familiarity is the top reason referrals go out of network.1

Support expert coordination and quality of patient care

Patient access is a top driver of referrals—second only to medical skill.2

Help providers and patients build powerful relationships

Strong relationships positively predict completion of specialist appointments.3

Please for additional information.

About Us

At Human Practice, we provide digital solutions to equip physicians and patients with the knowledge to find the right care provider.

Our team

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